Saturday, 9 October 2010

Telefunken RS329g

Now here's an interesting tube!!
The Telefunken RS329g.
Not as big as the RS6076 but much, much older.
A friend lend me one and asked if I could build an amp with it.
Sure, I said...

A lot of heating power
23.5V at 16 Amps......
Luckily I installed some LED light in my house.

And real mechanics!!

I guess it's number 3519

As always the driver will be the 6EM7
the 2 potentiometers are used to find the ideal working point.
Saves the calculations :)

Well, that took a while.
But it's done.
A cathode follower this time.
I liked it from the head phone amp.
Diagrams to follow shortly.

Start with a nice mess...

The tube lights up bright white.
Not a mellow yellow.
This is serious business

Just have to clean things up a bit and put it in a box...

And find a second one for STEREO...
That might be a bit of a problem...